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La Petite Patisserie Classes (Can be taught in English, Korean or Japanese)
These classes are intense and hands-on-courses, designed for students to learn every detail needed to replicate same results at home with some practice

The pastry chef will first demonstrate detailed steps and then guide each student through the steps,  enabling  them to create their own delicious pastries and bread
Class Information
1) Classes are offered on Saturdays only

2)All Classes can be formed at any time and can be individuals or groups - first come first serve basis

3) Prices of classes vary based on total number of people in each class - Maximum of 4 people

4) You can form your own group and start or wait until a group is formed - or start individually

5) Price includes all ingredients and required tools are provided - except bring your own apron and a basket to take back what you have made

6) Depending on the course and class size, each class can be between 4 hrs ~6 hrs

7) Course can start early as 10 am and late as 5 pm 

8) You or your group can choose any one course from either the bread or the pastry courses on the right - except for advanced courses - e.g. choose Pizza or Madeleine or Focaccia or Biscotti etc.

9) Advanced courses require some basic training in bread and pastry - need to discuss with chef before taking

10) Minimum age of student is 12 years old

11) If you have a special interest in other bread or pastries not listed on the right you can discuss it with the chef

1) すべてのクラスはいつでも開催できます。個人あるいはグループ でのレッスンになります。
2) 受講料は、生徒の総数およびコースによって異なります。(料金表でご確認ください)
3) ご自分でグループを作られれば、すぐに受講いただけますが、個人申し込みでグループレッスンをご希望の場合は、人数が集まるまでお待ちいただきます。 クラスはコースごとに開催いたします。
4) 受講料には材料費が含まれており、必要なツールはこちらで準備しております。
5) コースによって、受講時間はことなり、2.5時間~5時間になります。
6) レッスンは、毎週土曜日午前10時~午後5時の間で、ご都合の良い時間にタートできます。
7) 右側上のパンあるいはペストリー・コースのいずれかから1つお好きなコースをお選びいただけます。 (上級クラスを除きます)
8) 上級クラスは、パンとペストリーの基礎技術が求められますので、事前にご相談のうえ決めさせていただきます。
9) 生徒の最低年齢は12歳です。
10) 右側のリストにないパンあるいはペストリーをご希望の場合は、ご相談ください。


Bread Courses

1. Pain Anglais (English-style bread) 
2. Pain au Lait (milk roll) 
3. Pain de Mie (sandwich bread) 
4. Pizza
 5. Focaccia
6. Pita
7. Flat Bread 
8. Butter Roll
9. Buns 
10. Margarette Bread 
11. Petits Pains Fantaisies (dinner rolls) 
12. Black Olive Onion Bread
14. Onion Mozzarella Bread 
15.Pain de Campagne (country-style bread)
16. Garlic Baguette

Pastry Courses

1. Madeleine
2. Weekend Citron 
3. Choux 
4. Strawberry short cake 
5. Tarte I 
6. Tarte II 
7. Charrlotte Fruits 
8. Coffee roll cake 
9. Foret noire 
10. Quiche - Spinach
11 Biscotti
12. Fresh Berries Roll Cake

Advanced Courses

1. Macaroon 
2. Mango-Passion-Raspberry Mousse Cake 
3. Fraiser 
4. Mont. Blanc 
5. Croissant 
6. Brioche​
7. Tiramisu

All advanced baking classes will have a flat rate fee of $200.00/person regardless of the number of people in a group. 

If you choose to learn either croissant or brioche, there are a few varieties and options to choose from. For example, in the set advanced croissant class you will learn how to make a plain croissant and a chocolate croissant (pain au chocolat). 

However, there are a few more varieties of pastries you can learn with the basic croissant dough. If you would like to add any of these pastries to the course, each additional pastry is $40.00.

Course Curriculem
Bread Course Prices

- Private Lessons - $150/person
- 2 persons/group - $90/person
- 3 persons/group - $80/person
- 4 persons/group - $70/person

Pastry Course Prices

- Private Lessons - $155/person
- 2 persons/group - $95/person
- 3 persons/group - $85/person
- 4 persons/group - $75/person

Class Cost
Thank you for all your support over the last year.  It has been a real pleasure to serve you with the best pastries and breads we can possibly make.  Unfortunately we will be closed until further notice.  We hope to reopen the shop in the near future.