La Petite Patisserie French Pastry/Bread       
                                     Teaching Studio Bakery
Key Ingredients:

Imported French Butter, Natural Alpine Spring Water,  Organic Milk and Cream, Unbleached Premium Flour, and other fresh organic  ingredients 

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Cinnamon Roll
Using best imported French butter and organic ingredients for fabulous flavor of best cinnanmon roll around anywhere
Vanilla Cream Bread
Raisin-Walnut, Almond Creme Bread,
Autumn Bread
What Makes it so good?        Sample of unique pastries and breads available       
                                                          Please see the menu below for currently available items
  La Petite Patisserie is dedicated to using only the finest quality, ingredients to bake handcrafted products with the utmost of care.  

  In the spirit of sharing the joy that comes from making and consuming delicious French pastries and breads, our Baking Studio is also committed to teaching the traditional skills and methods that would enable anyone with a curious mind and a passion for quality food to produce the same fresh, preservative-free, baked goods at home.   


Using real vanilla beans for fresh and amazingly creamy filling
Taste and smell of autumn captured in sweet potato, pumpkin, raisin, pinenuts chestnuts and spices 
Pain Chocolat
Buttery fresh croissant combined with rich swiss chocolate makes for a decadent flavor
Apple-Cinnamon Roll
Corn-Mozzarella Bread
Fresh apple filling along with raisins, almond cream and cinnamon flavours compliment each other to create a delicious roll
Unique creations combining fresh mozzarella, corn, onion and other fresh and organic ingredients
Current Everyday Bread Menu

1. Cinnamon Roll                                                                              $3.50/Roll
​2. Apple-Cinnamon Roll                                                                  $4.00/Roll
3. Melon Bread                                                                                 $3.50/Roll
4. Raisin-Walnut Almond Cream Bread                                      $4.00/Bread
5. Ham-Salami-Cheddar Cheese Bread                                       $3.50/Bread 
6. Corn​- Mozzarella Bread                                                              $3.50/Bread
7. Vanilla Cream Bread                                                                    $3.50/Bread
8. Garlic Baguette Bread                                                                 $4.00/Bread
9.  Almond Cream Croissant                                                           $5.75
10. Chocolate Croissant                                                                    $5.75

Melon Bread
Soft on the inside and bisquete crusty on the outside resembling outer skin of melon makes for a fabulous combination of texture and taste
Ham-Salami-Cheddar Cheese Roll
A perfect blend of meat and cheese consisting of Canadian Bacon with Italian Salami and Wisconsin Premium Cheddar Cheese blend together to make a great breakfast roll
Almond Cream Croissant
Classic Buttery croissant filled with almond cream inside as well as on top lightly sprinkled with powdered confectionary sugar
Garlic Baguette Bread
Garlic butter is made each day from freshly hand ground garlic mixed with fresh cut parsley and French butter.  It is then infused with baguette dough to create mouth watering garlic bread
Thank you for all your support over the last year.  It has been a real pleasure to serve you with the best pastries and breads we can possibly make.  Unfortunately we will be closed until further notice.  We hope to reopen the shop in the near future.